We’ve changed our name to better reflect our identity and purpose

In this blog we introduce ALS People.

February 2021

In this blog we introduce ALS People and explain some of the reasons behind our refreshed brand.

ALS People reinforces our belief that we’re only successful because of the people we support, employ and work alongside, it’s a truer reflection of what we do.

2020 presented global challenges. The uncertainty and fear caused by the pandemic, Brexit and other social and political factors have had a huge impact on many people and businesses. Despite these unprecedented challenges, we have found opportunities for growth, consolidating our position as experts in our fields, supporting more people into work than ever before. This resilience and human spirit has resonated throughout our organisation and helped bring people to the forefront of our brand, having also been the sole focus of our team.

We have grown significantly over the last seven years and built a resilient and adaptive business model that allows us to continue to scale. We’ve invested in our people, providing opportunities for them to learn and develop and empowering them to progress. This people-focused approach helps our colleagues feel valued and secure, ensuring a better quality of service for both our customers and our workers.

Last year our customers needed us to adapt quickly and support them to proactively manage the changing world around them, and we did.  It is our continuous focus on getting to know the people in the businesses we support that helped us to help them. We made sure our onsite operations were Covid secure whilst continuing to recruit the best candidates to their workforce to ensure business continuity in a new world.

We aim to find potential in every challenge faced by both our customers and our candidates.  We recognise the wealth of transferrable skills and knowledge that people from all sectors can bring to recruitment. Recent new starters within the ALS family have joined from diverse sectors including logistics, cabin crew and Veterans from our armed forces community. These colleagues add strength, diversity and a new dynamic to our rapidly growing team. 

Focusing on the supporting the candidate journey into employment and beyond has always been our core focus. If someone feels informed and supported from their initial contact with us, we know from experience they are more likely to succeed in their placement, ensuring a safe and productive workforce for our customers. So much so, that some of our previous temporary workers are now full-time members of the ALS team, recruiting and supporting their own candidates, providing the help they need to get started on their journey. Our focus on people and their potential has helped us to succeed this far. We asked our team to help identify what has underpinned our success to date, and their collective conclusion was that it felt right to change our name to ALS People to reflect more authentically what we do. We listened to our people, and we always will.