Our Culture

We don’t just say the right thing, we do the right thing. Honesty, integrity and ethics are foundational to our approach and our services. It’s a combination that really works.

Honesty, integrity and ethics

We do the right thing by our customers and our candidates.

We keep honesty, integrity and ethics at the forefront of our services and we go the extra mile to consider what is important to all our stakeholders. Our values underpin our commitment to deliver an exceptional service for our customers and a supported journey for our candidates. We believe this combination works and is the driving force behind ALS People.

Many of our colleagues joined us through developing skills and confidence that took them from temporary workers to full-time members of the ALS family. We focus on people and ensure they are supported at every stage of their employment journey.

We start with the basics and do them brilliantly.

Health and safety

When it comes to the health and safety of our workforce and the reputation of our customers, we are diligent in taking care of the details.  We ensure every aspect of recruiting and onboarding temporary workers is correct to deliver an outstanding service and a workforce that is legally compliant, work ready and reliable.


We spend time understanding our customers, their goals and the way they work by immersing ourselves in their business. In doing this we deliver an outstanding service and recruit the right people with an approach that is tailored to your organisational goals and our workers’ day to day needs, which supports their long-term success.


We invest significant resource into ensuring our processes and planning are robust so that we can deliver a smooth service for both our customers and our workers. We always consider contingencies and rely on our adaptable and creative team to solve problems and overcome challenges.

The extra mile

We provide a full suite of wrap-around support for our customers to ensure a smooth and efficient service, including on-site account management and regular interaction with our Directors. For our candidates, we offer a warm welcome and provide external support in key areas such as safety and wellbeing to ensure their ongoing protection.  There is no barrier that we will not work hard to break through to provide an excellent experience for our people.